It may be a new lineup, but after a decade Bush is definitely back to reclaim its rock titan status, and at the front of it all still stands Gavin Rossdale – from the beginning to the end.

If the song “Swallowed” was released under the name Gavin Rossdale instead of Bush, would it have been a hit?

That’s surely something Rossdale, the songwriter and Bush front man, has pondered during the eight years since the band parted ways. In that time, Rossdale kept writing and recording, forming the band Institute in 2004 and then recording a solo project in 2008. Now that he and Bush are back touring behind their first album in 10 years, The Sea of Memories, it’s given him a chance to reflect.

“I listened to my [former] label (Interscope) and [founder] Jimmy Iovine and to their opinion about what I should be doing,” said Rossdale from the Los Angeles home he shares with his wife, musician Gwen Stefani, and their two young sons. “I suddenly realized the weak link was my name. Does Robert Smith [of The Cure] – one of my heroes – [release albums under his own name]? Does Mark E. Smith of The Fall, another one of my heroes do that? No, they record as The Cure and The Fall.”

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