Gavin said it best in a note recently: 

"You show us such grace and excitement. 
Night after night and continent after continent. 
Singlehandedly you give us the petrol/gasoline/battery? that propels us forward-- 
You give us the right to lose ourselves when we perform 
And play at the highest level possible. 

I have told you many times,and I will repeat it here: 
Without you---N-O-T-H-I-N-G." 

This past year of touring has been no exception and we've been fortunate enough to meet many of you. To celebrate, we're creating a photo gallery, The People That We Love. 

Recently, the BUSH Army started #BUSHPhotoFriday on Twitter and we've added your shots of BUSH here to the #BUSHPhotoFriday gallery . 

Now, we want shots of you! 

Starting next Friday we'll be selecting your shots with Gavin, Chris, Robin and Corey to add to a new gallery, The People That We Love. 

To submit pictures, please email us at [email protected] and include an ID for everyone in the photo, your name, twitter handle and event it was taken at. 

By sending us your photo you grant BUSH the right to use it on our website and social networks. 

Thank you: